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Aura Tube Necklaces - Clear

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Necklace Choice

- Created with a free form flamework technique using 100% borosilicate glass (Aka, Pyrex) - then coated using an amazing rainbow technique. No pictures do these colors justice!

- Only one of each available! Choose your favorite tube shape from the drop down menu. 

Necklace #1 - Tube measures approximately 1.5" x 1.25". Silver plated chain measures 24". 

Necklace #2 - Tube measures approximately 4.5" x .5". Gold plated chain measures 24". 

Necklace #3 - Tube measures approximately 1.75" x .75". Gold plated chain measures 22". 

Necklace #4 -  Tube measures approximately 3.5" x 1.5". Silver plated chain measures 20.5". 

Necklace #5 -  Tube measures approximately 1.75" x .75". Silver plated chain measures 22". 

- While kiln annealed for best strength and durability, glass jewelry is not meant to be worn during all your everyday tasks. Please handle, store and wear your piece with care.