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Jumbo Size Glass Cluster Straws

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Straw Length

- Created with a free handed flamework technique. Every piece is handmade producing similar yet one of a kind results. 

- Available in singles ($32) or sets of three ($70) in multiple color combinations. 

- 100% borosilicate glass : the same type of glass a Pyrex dish is made from. Water tight and dishwasher safe.

These "Jumbo" straws are high flow, great for thick smoothies and boba drinks! (please note not all sizes of boba fit in in these straws) 

- 12mm wide and 3 lengths available : 

6.5" : 8 to 12oz drinks, lowball glasses, average coffee mug

8.5" : 16 to 20oz drinks, pints, highball glasses

10" : 24oz+ drinks, venti masons, large and extra-large beverages

(8.5" is most popular and practical for on-the-go use. This is the size in the photographs.)

- To clean : run soapy water then rinse water through straw right after use. Best method is to use a cleaning brush made specifically for straws.

I sell a eco-friendly bamboo carry case (for 6.5" and 8.5" straw lengths) and cleaning brush here.

- Made to order : product will ship within 7 business days.

- While kiln annealed for best strength and durability, glass should always be handled with care.