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Custom Glass Anthurium Flowers - Made to Order

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Spadix Color

- Created with a free form flamework technique using 100% borosilicate glass. Each anthurium flower is completely one of a kind.

- This listing is for custom anthuriums. You pick size and color of the spadix! 

- As seen in the photos, these look beautiful as pairs or sets of 3. Display in a small vase or laying on a shelf. These love bright, natural light. 

- Price is based on 4 sizes of stems : 4", 5" 6" & 7". Longer the stem, the bigger the petal and spadix on top. Please note these are approximate measurements and your anthurium may vary slightly. 

- Spadix colors : red, purple, pink, peach, teal, clear

- Questions or ideas? Please send me a message! 

- Made to order anthuriums may take up to 10 days to be made. You will receive an email with your order ships. 

- While kiln annealed for best strength and durability, please always handle your glass art with care.