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SALE - "Imperfect" Glass Crazy Straws

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- Marked down from $38! These "imperfect" crazy straws have tiny flaws or not perfect shapes to my glass artist-eyes. They still function correctly and are super fun! 

Please choose the color straw you would like from the drop down menu. 

- Created with a free handed flamework technique. Every piece is handmade producing similar yet one of a kind results.

- 100% borosilicate glass : the same type of glass a Pyrex dish is made from. Water tight and dishwasher safe.

- Each straw measures approximately 9” to 10.5" in length. The straw opening is 9mm wide. 

- Limited quantities on this sale item. More straw colors and styles available here:

- Please note : these crazy straws are not as easily cleaned as my standard straws. I suggest only using for simple liquids (water, mixed drinks without pulp, etc.) and rinsing right after use. 

- While kiln annealed for best strength and durability, glass should always be handled with care.